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Travel, Hotel & Tourism

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500 employees or more


Tehran, Tehran


No.4, Northern Balouch, Andarzgo Blvd. Qeytarieh

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About Company:

Alibaba Group is an Iranian technology-oriented and leading tourism holding company with 12 brands and more than 600 staff. Vision of Alibaba Group is to generate wealth through tourism by pivoting technology and transforming organizational culture in Iran. The headquarter is located at Azadi Innovation Factory; the building has a highly modern and dynamic environment as well as a very distinguished architecture. Growth and transformation is easy to explore Alibaba Group; such a context is inherited from confronting real challenges. Staff at Alibaba Group can access generous resources in order to explore their potentials. Alibaba Group is the land of opportunities. We enjoy friendly interactions while making all the decisions collectively. A league of champions and professionals are accompanying Alibaba Group who are bold and ambitious enough to create anything they want. Alibaba Group stands for the future while sky is the limit. It is our duty to transform the quality of people’s lives: colleagues, clients and our fellow Iranian citizens. Alibaba Group’s 12 brands are as follows: • Alibaba • Jabama • Toosha • Brandist • Altrabo • Simorgh • Medgo • HelloPersia • Neshanet • Nabro • Dobby

Why work with us

Through technological development, we in alibabagroup stand by creating wealth, society and transformation of working culture in Iran. We do not wait for future, we create it ourselves. We have friendly relationships with our awesome colleagues and we experience a mode of being and performance that empowers us. This is the land of opportunities; in alibaba, we create a context for exploration, transformation, and growth of our colleagues.

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