Alarko Contracting Group

Industry: Construction
Headquarter: Turkey

Company Description

The amazing development of science and technology in the new millennium and transition from the industrial era into the informatinon Age will be the predominant factors influencing the production and cost of rapid and accurate information. Competitive advantage can only be achieved through the development of knowledge and improvement of the skills of human resources in conformity with technological progress. "Information and Training" will be the major strategic tools used for being competitive. ALARKO CONTRACTING GROUP, strong with 50 years of experience, will continue providing reliable services using state of the art technology faithful to its motto "High Quality Services and Products for Customer Satisfaction". During the new millennium, ALARKO will proudly continue its successful and valuable contribution to the erection of civil work and infrastructure projects such as industrial plants, in developing countries. ALARKO CONTRACTING GROUP has succeeded, within a very short period, to become one of the most reliable and respected companies of the sector in Turkey and abroad. ALARKO CONTRACTING GROUP is, and pledges to continue being, an environment friendly company whose activities aim to preserve our country and planet as beautiful places to be inherited by the next generation.

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