Aftab Bahar Lighting Industries

Industry: Power & Utilities
Founded at: 2000
Headquarter: Tehran

Company Description

Aftab Bahar Lighting Industries started its professional activities in 2004 with designing and manufacturing of indoor lighting systems. During this time frame, the company has had many successes and is recognized today as one of the leading manufacturers of lighting systems in Iran. The company is proud to be known as one of the founders of modern lighting systems in the country. The company’s product range is of the highest quality and contains a diverse set of modern designs suited to today’s contemporary architecture. The company started its activities in 2004 providing consulting services for lighting systems and has successfully completed many important projects.This company has achieved significant milestones.Range of products and professionalism has earned Aftab Bahar Company leadership in the lighting industry by Iranian society of architects,consultants and project management engineers. Aftab Bahar Company has completed over 2000 administrative, commercial and landscaping projects.

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