Acom System Viana

Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Acom System Viana has been registered with participation of leading experts in IT industries with the aim of promoting academic level and technical, management and strategic ability for companies and organizations. In addition, we have spread out the activity at the commence of developing IT technologies. So, There was a big challenge against us because we have started this activity to meet our clients expectations. It wasnt accidental event to raise the quality of projects to reach the current international standards of the world. Long-term perspective in the research, production, supply and support is our strategic point of view in this regard, which approach us to this target to satisfy our clients in Acom System Viana group. One of the main tasks of Acom system Viana is technical support of projects and developed products. Network support and utilizing of specialized services, is the key issue which is considered after the installation of the network system. The success factor of Acom system Viana is continuous coordination between all parts of the company which accelerates the projects trend and eventually the satisfaction of our clients. Indeed, our target is the comfort and ensuring clients from the services provided by Acom system Viana in this regard

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