Abhar Cable (AC)

Industry: Manufacturing
Headquarter: Iran

Company Description

Abhar Wire and Cable is a privately owned company established in 1992. With production starting in 1995, the company has rapidly expanded its facilities, overtaking rivals with established several decades ago to become Iran's largest cable manufacturer with an unrivalled product range. The company is by far the most important supplier of cables to Iran's hydrocarbon industry in addition to catering to a large number of other projects. Through the utilization of modern production equipment, the best of Iran's engineering talent and the services of highly experienced European consultants and managers, Abhar Wire and Cable has achieved many firsts in the Iranian cable industry such as the manufacturing of Fire Resistant Zero Halogen cables for Tehran Underground, lead-sheathed cables for the petroleum industry and 132 kV cables for power distribution in Mashad. Abhar Wire and Cable was the first local cable manufacturer to supply the Iranian Oil industry including various petrochemical, and oil and gas exploration and extraction projects; furthermore has been the sole Iranian cable manufacturer to have taken part in the South Pars Field Development Project, the largest gas field in the world; supplying Phase 1, Phases 2&3 in parts, Phases 4&5 and Phases 6,7 & 8. Abhar Wire and Cable's engineering teams are prepared to assist the customer in the design of power and instrumentation networks, providing advice on design and installation. Abhar Wire and Cable can supply the customer with a full range of accessories as well as cables, providing a complete system package.

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