Atraban Sorin


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Atraban Sorin Co. is a leading company in fire protection, F&G Packages, Telecommunication System integration and CCTV and security Systems and also F&G systems. We are dealing with many valid Iranian clients, we have done more than 120 projects through last 8 years. Our products set the benchmark for fire safety detection, prevention and protection. We are devoted to protecting people, property and processes from everyday hazards and danger. People trust us to do that because we are experts in our field. And that trust is reinforced by the quality we instill in everything we do. Atraban Sorin Co. by highly qualified staff with 8 years’ experience in national and international markets. Today it operates in the field of fire prevention, obtaining considerable success, offering to its clients high and qualifying firefighting systems solutions, thanks to the prepared technical staff is always taking care to technological innovation. Its operational and organizational structure enables Atraban Co. to offer to its customers the specific solutions to any kind of problem always having a special attention to the environment.

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