Sama Samane Software Company with more than 18 years of experiences and having 2nd grade from Secretariat of the Supreme Informatics Council, is one of the leading and innovative companies who developed integrated software solutions for university management for the first time in Iran. Performing several national projects and providing services to more than 1300 universities, and higher education institutes are few samples of its services and solutions. Its young, energetic and innovative engineers who are armed with highest technologies and skills created an atmosphere filled with happiness and enthusiasm which has been the main stream of core transformations and invention in higher education technology all around the country. The high level team working skills among 80 members of the company along with up-to-date managerial techniques deployed by management team push the company toward further success and improvement and promise a very bright future for all of them.




50-99 employees


IT, Software & Internet Services

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Sama Samaneh | IranTalent

MVC Programmer (ASP.NET)

Sama Samaneh


- Full Time


3 Weeks ago

Full Time


3 Weeks ago

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