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Saeid Akhavan

Establishment Year:



Finance, Investment & Business Analysis

Company Size:

50-99 employees


Tehran, Tehran


3rd floor, No. 52, Andarzgoo Blvd, Farmanieh

About Company:

RAD Holdings' Group of Companies operate in financial, economic and technology sectors. Each of our businesses is evolved around the latest technologies, new processes and strategies in an effortful competition to plan and produce new software and hardware products and services. The design of products and tools for financial markets are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and deployed by expert financial technology and software development teams. All our software solutions and processes developed are based on the demands of financial and cryptocurrency markets. This brings intelligence, comfort and efficiency which is never experienced within the industry. RAD Financial Technology Development Group pursues and persists on an important goal by combining various financial instruments that will ultimately make it one of the leading wealth management companies, globally. Our industrial activities led by Chista Intelligent Innovation Development Group focus on the production and deployment of industrial automation products and services, IoT and consumer goods. Chista also relies on the knowledge and ability of top industry and university experts to figure out a stable pathway through the fourth generation of the industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). RAD's vision is to harmonize human knowledge and capital in line with the demands and needs of different sectors, in order to develop and exploit practical and effective solutions and tools based on these capabilities. Each of our achievements can transform one of the industry’s complexities and pave the way for wealth creation, technology development and improvement of human life quality.

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Why work with us

RAD's organizational culture has evolved on several principles of HR excellence, moving on the verge of science and technology, as well as creating and strengthening the lasting foundations of the industrial revolution and financial markets. Joining a RAD Holding company is a great way to experience an organizational life with hope, motivation, learning and knowledge promotion. Each of our employers will make a significant contribution to the formation and consistent of this culture. Our human capital concept arises from a collective, oriented, innovative, motivating and challenging identity that always fulfills new and outstanding achievements and ideals. Accompanying RAD means interest in personal growth and living in an energetic environment that guarantees work and life balance. Together we can solve the most complex and challenging problems and gain accomplishments that promote a bright future for ourselves and others.

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