ITC’s core activity remains the manufacture of Low and Medium Voltage (Transmission, Distribution and Control) switchgear panels, though over the past five decades it has invested into an expansion programme with values based on Quality, Innovation and Continuous Enhancement. ITC has an established reputation as a leading-edge producer of Electrical Control and Distribution Systems in Iran and is positioned as the front-runner in this field. During its 50+ years of service, ITC has gained an expansive range of Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation, and Commissioning experience in a diversified array of industrial sectors such as Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Steel, Copper, Mining, Power Generation, Water Distribution, Waste Treatment, Food Production, Healthcare and Civil & Infrastructure Developments. Over the years ITC has successfully adopted and transferred various technologies for local production of Medium and Low Voltage Type-Tested Withdraw able switchgear products from international technology holders such as AEG, GE-Power Controls, Alstom, HHI and the most recent and up to date one from ABB, through associated License Agreements. Since 2001, ITC has also expanded its product range to include PLC based Process Control Systems, including Power Management (PMS) & Power Distribution and Control Systems (PDCS), where ITC holds the largest market share in the Iranian market.




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