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ما ایران تلنت را برای جذب نیروهای حرفه ای در تالیا انتخاب کردیم چون تیم منابع انسانی و حتی هیات مدیره معتقدند ایران تلنت همیشه به عنوان برند شناخته شده در زمینه جذب نیروهای متخصص و حرفه ای بوده است.
خانم میرحقانی، متخصص منابع انسانی
شرکت تالیا

شرکت فراب در سالهای اخیر استخدام بخشي از نیروی متخصص خود را از طریق سایت ایران تلنت انجام داده است و برداشت ما این است که افراد خاص در سایت ایران تلنت رزومه می گذارند. کیفیت رزومه هایی که از طریق ایران تلنت ارسال می شوند  بالاتر از رزومه هایی است که از طریق روزنامه دریافت می کنیم . همچنین امکانات موجود روی سایت باعث شده رزومه های خوب به راحتی از بقیه جدا شوند و زمان کمتری از ما برای بررسی آنها گرفته شود.
آقای ایروانی منش، مدیر منابع انسانی
شرکت فراب

در سال های اخیر ایران تلنت یکی از کانال های اصلی استخدام برای گروه سولیکو (کاله) بوده است، چرا که از نظر زمان و هزینه آن را بسیار به صرفه ارزیابی کردیم. رزومه های با کیفیت و تکنولوژی پیشرفته سایت باعث شده خیلی سریع و راحت به بهترین افراد دست پیدا کنیم.
آقای افشار، معاونت منابع انسانی
گروه شرکتهای سولیکو- کاله

It was a delight working with Iran Talent on our recent search. Your ability to provide qualified candidates quickly was quite impressive. I thank you sincerely for your help and quality of service to our company.
Mr. Mehdi Razaghi, HR Supervisor

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your website. The job posting and CV search were very helpful, when I lost hope in print ads in journals and newspapers. We found what we needed in the first couple of days.
Ms. Badakhshan, Marketing Manager
Rougine Darou

We have been using IranTalent's recruiting service over the last two years. Despite the challenges of finding qualified bilingual candidates in Iran, we have been impressed with the quality of candidates that they have presented to us.
Mr. Nigel Coulthard, Country President

We had an urgent vacancy in Iran but we did not have any base in this country to find us a qualified candidate. Once we provided IranTalent with our requirements and needs, they found us just the right person. Thanks IranTalent for providing us with such a great service!
Mr. Domenico Bisinella, Marketing & Sales Director

We are expanding our business in Iran and were looking for an experienced bilingual professional to support and grow our customer base in Iran. We were skeptical about finding someone with both the required technical and sales skills, however, using IranTalent recruitment services we managed to shortlist a number of suitable candidates. We were delighted by the level of service provided and would recommend IranTalent to all international employers seeking qualified talent in Iran. Please accept my warm regards.
Mr. Paul Cook, Business Development Manager
Fonterra Iran and Africa

Thanks a million for your excellent service! Opening our new office in Tehran was not easy, but with your help and professional service, we were able to recruit a very capable and qualified team in a matter of days. We look forward to working with you again as we grow and expand our business.
Mr. Badr Mahayni, Aramex International Courier

With market research being such a new concept in Iran and fluency in English rare to find, getting a good candidate looked like an uphill struggle. Yet IranTalent managed to introduce to us a series of candidates that would fit the bill - with fluent English, overseas experience and the willingness to work in a challenging arena. I would happily use the service again, and have no hesitation recommending it to other multinationals.
Mr. Dipen Mehta, NFO World Group

I am very pleased with the quality of the service I have received from IranTalent. It had been a long time we were looking for a qualified bilingual financial manager. I am happy to report that, using your service, we have found just the right person. He is not only well qualified, but also matched with our working environment. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Dr. Behshahdfar, PAUL HARTMANN Ltd

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