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Electronic Commerce and Economy
It is mainly a scientific association of ministry of industry, ministry of justice, ministry of economic affairs and finance, ministry of health and medical education and with cooperation of other agencies, organizations and institutions under one common roof of International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Economy. Here the achievements and implementations on the field of electronic economy and commerce which covers the sub titles like Assessment and analysis of Maturity and e readiness in Iran in line with e commerce and e economy planning and policies, Review of domestic and foreign experiences about the processes and the results of policy making in e commerce and e economy, Foresight of e commerce and e economy, strategies, methods, principles and frameworks and varied other types of topics to be presented in the conference.
19-21 May 2014
International Aluminum Conference
The International Aluminum Conference, organized by the Iran University Of Science And Technology will take place from 25th May to the 26th May 2014 at the Tehran Olympic Hotel in Tehran, Iran. The conference will cover areas like challenges of the global aluminum-related market, future advancements in aluminum production and applications, aluminum smelting technologies, raw materials, casting and solidification, mechanical properties, recycling and environment, powder metallurgy, welding and joining, composite and refractory materials, corrosion and surface treatment, simulation and automation, energy saving management in aluminum industries.
25-26 May 2014
International Exhibition of Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain
International Exhibition of Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain is a 4 days event which is being held from 16th July to the 19th July 2014 at the Tehran Permanent Fair Ground in Tehran, Iran. This event showcases products and services like road transportation, marine transportation, air transportation, rail transportation, industries relates to modes of transportation, logistics, supply chain, warehousing, insurance, banking, heavy vehicles, transportation infrastructure industries, relevant machinery manufacturers, transportation service companies etc. in the Logistics & Transportation industry.
16-19 July 2014
Iranian Statistical Conference
Iranian Statistical Conference is a most important conference that will be hosted in Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran for three days. This aims at holding discussion regarding scientific developments. Researchers, graduate students faculty members and practitioners associated with the mathematical sciences and statics will be gathering in this forum. Iranian Statistical Conference will emphasize and discuss on topics such as spatial statistics, data mining, statistical quality control, statistical simulation, actuary, categorical data analysis, statistical inference, linear models and GLMs, Bayesian methods, decision theory, nonparametric methods, fuzzy statistics, distribution theory ,reliability, order statistics and record values, information theory, vital statistics, survival analysis and longitudinal data analysis. Attendees will be helped from the conference in several possible ways.
25-27 August 2014
International Iran Conference on Quantum Information
The leading international delegates and academicians is getting their chance to discuss the experiments and developments under the broad category of theoretical and experimental quantum information science and associate feature and specialized talks in this authentic International Iran Conference on Quantum Information. The participants will not limit to any demographic boundaries or gender and age groups but will only confer to the rules and regulations of the country concerned. This is the eight of its kind conference and the organizers are delighted every time as the hopes and inspirations of the planning committee have always been successful.
06-10 September 2014
Kish Island

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