About Zagros Poosh

Zagros industrial group and new industrial units in Boroujerd wearing apparel Country Which has several years experience in garment manufacturing and with this belief that the development and growth of the
Due to the high value-added jobs and industry, and also given that. The last missing link could be like the rest of the country’s textile products
Advanced decisive role in the sustainable development of the country and lack of dependence on foreign countries, And Iran also have children’s future. This idea prompted us to help
God and the people caring for your support and patriotism as well as the diligent efforts of managers and its employees and utilizes the technology of the countries in the field of industry such as Italy and Germany.

Current Vacancies

1 .   Marketing Manager Tehran, Iran 28 Jun 2017
2 .   Fashion Designer Tehran, Iran 28 Jun 2017
3 .   Accounting Manager Tehran, Iran 28 Jun 2017

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