About Tabriz Can Industries

Tabriz Can Industries were established in Tabriz in 1996. It is considered as one of the largest manufactures of metal food, beverage and juice cans and Easy-Open-Ends in Iran. Applying the most modern equipment of printing on tinplate and production of cans and Easy- Open- Ends, this company offers the most reliable packaging for foods, beverage, dairies and pickles. Producing a wide range of metal cans and Easy-Open-Ends as well as offering desired services to customers, TCI customers meet the needs of the most reputed and prestigious domestic and international food processing companies and are proud of having reached the confidence of them. Desirable product, quick delivery, reasonable price and reliable service are the basic principles of the company. As a private company the whole principles have been transferred from former generation to the new generation and combining with the new technology, have become indefectible and fundamental rules. The manufacturing technology of TCI has been supplied from the most reliable international sources.

Current Vacancies

1 .   Mechanical Engineer Tabriz, Iran 14 Jun 2017
2 .   Industrial Engineer Tabriz, Iran 14 Jun 2017
3 .   Graphic Designer Tabriz, Iran 14 Jun 2017
4 .   Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering tabriz, Iran 08 Jun 2017

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