About Pakshoo

Pakshoo, as a strong and highly-credible holding attempts to provide the public with the choice of products and services that support health, hygiene, and beauty by respecting and recognizing its customers needs and tastes, and through moving towards the interests of all the stakeholders. To achieve this goal, Pakshoo relies on its innovative, creative, skilled, and knowledge-based human capital, as well as the use of modern technologies, investment in research and development, and efficient management of the supply chain to create a wide variety of differentiated new brands, products and services which satisfy the quality level that the honored customers demand. Some of these distinguished brands such as Golrang have been around for several decades and form a piece of history in the industry shaping the quality perception of customers across several generations. Other renowned brands and products such as Ave, Golrang, Softlan, Lamis, Home Plus,Goldent, Airi and Spif have been attractive to international markets in addition to domestic markets.

Current Vacancies

1 .   Market Development Expert Tehran, Iran 13 Jun 2017
2 .   Marketing Advertising Specialist Tehran, Iran 13 Jun 2017
3 .   Graphic Designer Tehran, Iran 08 Jun 2017
4 .   Marketing and Campaign Designer assistant Tehran, Iran 27 May 2017
5 .   Office Assistant Tehran, Iran 23 May 2017

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