About Novatis Teb

Novatis Teb is a member of ICD Group which is an experienced complex of specialized companies in dialysis industry established in 2010.ICD Group members are proficient in a variety of fields including the production and supply of dialysis products and equipment as well as the provision of specialty services. By adopting the approach to the provision of requirement and services under one umbrella, ICD Group is mow capable of organizing and standardizing product supplementation and distribution, and dialysis services in the country.

Current Vacancies

1 .   Software System Analyst Tehran, Iran 22 Aug 2017
2 .   Process Engineer Eshtehard, Iran 09 Aug 2017
3 .   Full Stack Developer Tehran, Enqelab, Iran 06 Aug 2017
4 .   Front-End Developer Tehran, Iran 06 Aug 2017
5 .   Web Developer Tehran, Iran 29 Jul 2017

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