About Irancell

Irancell Telecommunication Services Company (MTN Irancell), 2nd mobile operator in Iran, is a private joint stock company. Our mission is to be the leading provider of telecommunication services in Iran. The company provides the following services:

Provision of wholesale and retail telecommunication services
Sales of network traffic capacity to local or international carriers or entities
Rental of network infrastructure facilities to local or international carriers or entities
Provision of the Internet and data and digital platform related products and services
Provision of all other sources of value added services that is currently available and to be developed in the future
Dealing with e-commerce, mobile-commerce activities of the above telecommunication networks
Provision of customer services, including but not limited to customer relationship management and Call Centre service

Current Vacancies

1 .   Roaming and Intl Interconnect Engineer Tehran, Iran
2 .   Close Loop Feedback Manager Tehran, Iran
3 .   IT Auditor Tehran, Iran
4 .   Forensic Auditor Tehran, Iran
5 .   CPG Fixed Assets Accountant Tehran, Iran
6 .   Project Accountant Tehran, Iran
7 .   Change Management Tehran, Iran
8 .   Revenue Accountant Tehran, Iran
9 .   General Manager Legal and Regulatory Tehran, Iran

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