About Irancell

Irancell Telecommunication Services Company (MTN Irancell), 2nd mobile operator in Iran, is a private joint stock company. Our mission is to be the leading provider of telecommunication services in Iran. The company provides the following services:

• Provision of wholesale and retail telecommunication services
• Sales of network traffic capacity to local or international carriers or entities
• Rental of network infrastructure facilities to local or international carriers or entities
• Provision of the Internet and data and digital platform related products and services
• Provision of all other sources of value added services that is currently available and to be developed in the future
• Dealing with e-commerce, mobile-commerce activities of the above telecommunication networks
• Provision of customer services, including but not limited to customer relationship management and Call Centre service

Current Vacancies

1 .   Close Loop Feedback Manager Tehran, Iran
2 .   IT Auditor Tehran, Iran
3 .   Forensic Auditor Tehran, Iran
4 .   CPG Fixed Assets Accountant Tehran, Iran
5 .   Project Accountant Tehran, Iran
6 .   Change Management Tehran, Iran
7 .   Revenue Accountant Tehran, Iran
8 .   General Manager Legal and Regulatory Tehran, Iran

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