About Iran Nara

Iran Nara is the leading Company in banking & office equipment business in private sector which established in 1979. The Company started its operation with only 6 personnel and now with more than 900 employees (sales, technical, administration,Ö) has been one of the leading edge positions in office & banking equipment and related software in Iran enjoying more than 36 years of successful company experience and about 600 fully skilled technical personnel as the network of after sales service providing the best support to almost all governmental organization including the banks as well as the private sector throughout the country.

Iran-Nara also currently is local partner for ďIntegrated Tax SolutionĒ Ė the largest IT project in Iran- which was contracted to ATOS (a leading French consulting company).
A team composed of foreign and Iranian experts is working on the project. The project involves customizing ATOSís taxation system (e-ris) to make it operational throughout Iran.

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