About Iran Ghateh Company

Iran Ghateh Company is established in 1982 and started working in automotive supply chains with the manufacturing of seat rail for a sedan called Paykan. Today, it is the major manufacturer of rear seat backrest & cushion frames by the technology of CNC wire bending machinery in Iran. Additionally, other main products of this company are rear brake plates, and some wire & tube parts of seats. In parallel with ramping up and developing the productions, the Quality System has been established which targets at the customer satisfaction and continual improvement. The achievements of this system are: SAPCO grade "A" which is granted to the company on the basis of "SSR3 Requirements & Sapco Excellence Model". ISO TS: 16949 in 2008.Now due to the desirable operation concerning with the quality, on time delivery, and good prices the company is in a good position in the internal automotive market and is always the first choice for the internal customers.

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