About Hafiz Intelligent Systems (HISTACO)

Hafiz Intelligent Systems Co. (HISTACO) is going to achieve an outstanding role in Oil and Gas related telecommunication system projects as an EPC contractor. Meanwhile, in Railway industries, along with conducting Telecom projects, HISTACO's main goal is to participate in Signaling System production, laying stress on Training efficient and skilled technicians and experts, research and continuous development, using modern technologies in research and production, observing quality standards fully in compliance with international standards.

Current Vacancies

1 .   Financial Manager (Part-time) Tehran, Iran 29 Jan 2017
2 .   Software Designer & Developer Tehran, Iran 29 Jan 2017
3 .   Project Manager Tehran, Iran 29 Jan 2017
4 .   Commercial Expert Tehran, Iran 16 Jan 2017
5 .   Technical Expert (Electronic designer) Tehran, Iran 21 Dec 2016
6 .   Railway Technical and Safety (RAMS) Engineer Tehran, Iran 19 Dec 2016

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