About Farab

FARAB began operating as a main contractor of Water projects in 1992 and after simultaneous Installation of a few big Water projects during year of 2002 & 2003, has expanded its operating in other related fields of water & Energy.
Now, FARAB with cooperation of other local & foreign companies, in addition to performance of water projects, has been entered as a turn-key in the fields of performance of Independent and Power (Gas & combined cycle power plant) and oil, Gas and petrochemical projects.
FARAB has developed in the fields of gaining satisfaction of his local & foreign customers by establishment of Quality, Environment safety and professional health managements on the base of international Standards.

Current Vacancies

1 .   Planning and Project Control Expert (Hydro Power Plant) Tehran, Iran
2 .   Hardware and Technical Support Specialist Tehran, Iran
3 .   Planning and Project Control Expert (Sri Lanka Project) Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka
4 .   Marketing Manager (Railway Industries) Tehran, Iran
5 .   Software Supporting Expert Tehran, Iran
6 .   Piping Engineer (Material) Tehran, Iran
7 .   Arrangement and Layout Engineer Tehran, Iran
8 .   Piping Engineer (3D Modeling) Tehran, Iran
9 .   Software Developer Tehran, Iran
10 .   Structural Draftsman Tehran, Iran

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