About Everest Modern Pars

Hayat Holding established it’s second company in the name of Everest Modern Pars in Iran after Pars Hayat company in 2011 and thus started it’s activity in the field of chain stores.
Everest Modern Pars took action for opening store by investing in different store forms by considering the requests of customers and presenting their services considering their financial ability, by supplying high-quality products since the establishment date. And it’s the first company which established the discount stores format in Iran .The store brands are named as All in All hypermarkets and Canbo discount stores.
Everest Modern Pars have succeeded it’s operation by opening one hypermarket in Tabriz and more than 300 Canbo discount stores with more than 3000 personnel in a short time.
Everest Modern Pars is targeting to increase it’s number of stores more than 1000 and planning to increase it’s manpower to 8000 and aims to be the largest retail company in Iran within the next 3 years.
Our aim is to improve with fast and sustainable growth as well as increasing our stores operational standards and add value to Iran’s retail business.”

Current Vacancies

1 .   HR Specialist Tehran, Iran 17 Jun 2017
2 .   Civil Engineer Tehran, Iran 28 May 2017
3 .   Electrical Engineer Tehran, Iran 28 May 2017
4 .   Regional HR Supervisor Tehran, Iran 27 May 2017
5 .   Digital Marketing Chief Tehran, Iran 06 May 2017
6 .   Graphic Designer Tehran, Iran 06 May 2017
7 .   ERP Specialist Tehran, Iran 06 May 2017
8 .   IT Senior Network Administrator Tehran, Iran 06 May 2017
9 .   Budget & Reporting Specialist Tehran, Iran 06 May 2017
10 .   Treasury Assistant Specialist Tehran, Iran 06 May 2017
11 .   Payroll Specialist Tehran, Iran 01 May 2017
12 .   PC Support Specialist Tehran, Iran 26 Apr 2017

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