About Datis Khodro

Datis Khodro is an attendant to reach your dream car.
Dates Khodro Company started his business from 1392 based on 12 years old experience of its staff and managers, in the field of import and sales of luxury cars in order to open new horizons to dealers and buyers of imported cars. A series of skilled experts in this company help you to reach your dream car. DAT is Khodro started its business in import and sales of cars under the registration number (441332) and national ID (14003557890). This company has turned into one of the most valid centers of automobile sales in the country by the use of precise and professional announcement of automobile sales. Consulting service presence in the direction of on-time services and any delay less commitments, have caused significant contributions of sales for details Khodro according to the recent Competitive market in Iran. Extensive after-sales services along with Immediate and direct import of spare parts from vehicle manufacturing companies, gives you the certainty to enjoy your choice.
We will accompany you from the time of your purchase, till the end of the process.

Current Vacancies

1 .   Sales Expert Tehran, Iran 08 Jul 2017
2 .   Secretary Tehran, Iran 15 Jun 2017

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