About Darman Ara

Darman Ara Co. is the leading Pharmaceutical Importer Company established in Tehran in 1999. The special activity has been foused on the field of Plasma-Derived and Biological Medicineds. Our portfolio consists of several molecules that support treatment for diseases across broad range of therapeutic areas (Hematology, Oncology, Cardiology, Immunodeficiency, Clinical Nutrition, Pediatric Nutrition, Metabolic Disease� .)
We not only import the high quality medicines but also connect our local companies to the best sources of Know-How to equip local pharmaceutical industry with the best chance of proper development. The mission and vision of our company : Health care Division in the terms of Iranian Markets.

Current Vacancies

1 .   Medical Sales Representative Tehran, Iran 01 Jul 2017
2 .   Medical Sales Representative (Isfahan) Isfahan, Iran 01 Jul 2017
3 .   Medical Sales Representative (Mashhad) Mashhad, Iran 01 Jul 2017

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