About Beh Tam (Total Lubricants Distributor In Iran)

We have honor to introduce our company as an exclusive representative of TOTAL S.A in Iran. Beh Tam Co. (Beh Total) is the first and the only authorized company in Iran for production, import and sales of TOTAL lubricants in our territory since 2002.
Beh Tam Co has established based on joint cooperation agreement between Total Co (France) and Behran oil Co (Iran) for sales of non-bendable industrial products, local blending and commercialization of lubricanting oils and greases.
Imports of TOTAL products and also production of lubricants under the name of international brand of TOTAL, is our company's competitive advantage whit in country. Having procured the main and core lubricants of Iranian key account are the hallmark of our company recent activities.
TOTAL Plant has established in Iran since 2007 to produce about 400 different products with the production capacity of 25,000 Tons of different types of lubricants and 1500 Tons of greases for meeting the request of key account end users from marine and Industries to the Automotive and Agricultures. The plant is considered to be one of the most modern in the country. Grease and oil manufacturing machineries have been developed in accordance with the latest technology in France and have been reassembled in Beh Tam plant.
Throughout the years since the founding of the company, its primary business has been essentially the development, manufacturing, and marketing of lubrication products.

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