About Bafgh Mineral Complex Iron & Steel Industry (B-MISCO)

Bafgh Mineral Complex Iron and Steel Industry (B-MISCO) is an integrated steel plant in Yazd province including an under operation rolling mill and under construction Pelletizing and Direct Reduction unit. B-MISCO is the biggest member of YARAN HOLDING which includes 5 Manufacturing company as described below:
I. Bafgh Mineral Complex Iron and Steel Industry: Rebar Rolling Mill and three under construction palletizing, Melt shop and DRI plants.
II. Navard Loleh Yaran: Steel Tubes and Pipes Manufacturing (www.yaranrolling.com)
III. Fulad Sana’t Mahdi: Rolling and Profile Mill (www.mahdisteel.com)
IV. Arya Molybden Kasra: Ferro-Alloys Production (www.amkco.co)
V. Polymer Talaei Yazd: Polycarbonate Sheet Production (www.polymertalaei.com)
Also YARAN HOLDING has several branches in Europe, Dubai, India and Indonesia in order to increase the world trade and ease of business transactions.

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