About Avrand Pishro

Avrand Pishro has established in 1997 with the policy of knowledge and technical skills development based on latest technologies in order to create more safe-healthy society. By using the unique abilities in innovation and engineering and applying the new technologies, APCO. or AP have managed to launch wide variety of production lines.
Today, Avrand Pishro is known as the biggest manufacturer of complex fuel system e.g. monolayer, 3 layers and 5 layers polymer polymide pipes the monolayer and 6 layers fuel tanks. In this regards, AP Co. is the main supplier of the fuel transmission system for Iran OEMs (or OEM of Iran) such as IKCO & SAIPA .PEUGEOT 206, 405, PARS,-SAMAND-PRIDE and MAZDA are most important cars of theirs which have been covered by APCO. products.All Iran passenger cars and heavy trucks are supplied by AP CO beside exporting of fuel filters and canisters of some kinds of ASIAN & EUROPEAN cars such as MALAYSIA, INDIA, RUSSIA, UKRAIN, ITALY,etc.Design and development of all components of fuel system multilayer fuel tank, filters, (fuel module pump) and canisters to achieve more efficiency and safety is our major policy, based on the latest global standards which provide more safety and protect the environment.In addition, production of all types of polymer injected parts and thermoplastic weather strips, TPE, are our other activities to provide more services to get higher level of customer satisfaction.

Current Vacancies

1 .   Head of Accountant Tehran, Iran 25 Apr 2017
2 .   Budgets & Reports Expert Karaj, Iran 25 Apr 2017
3 .   Product Engineering Expert Karaj, Iran 18 Apr 2017
4 .   Accountant Tehran, Iran 10 Apr 2017
5 .   Head of Insurance and Welfare Karaj, Iran 04 Apr 2017
6 .   After Sales Support Karaj, Iran 04 Apr 2017
7 .   Financial Manager Tehran, Iran 03 Apr 2017
8 .   Hardware Expert Tehran, Iran 03 Apr 2017
9 .   Systems and Methods Expert Tehran, Iran 03 Apr 2017
10 .   Software Support Expert Tehran, Iran 01 Apr 2017

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